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Seamless Display developed and patented a method for eliminating the gaps between adjoining LCD screens.  This method goes beyond removing frames and physical barriers between each screen to actually joining together the output of adjoining screens into one image area to create a Seamless Display.  Our technology is protected under several U.S. patents including no. 6,927,908 with additional patents pending.  In addition to our disclosed inventions we have built up six years of technical know-how. To learn more visit our technology page.

Our first professional-grade product fuses together three 20" LCD panels into a continuous display system to produce a wrap-around LCD system with 5.76 million pixels and a diagonal screen size of 50-inches.  With the display wrapping around the user, the Radius320™ provides an immersive and ergonomically-friendly viewing experience.

Seamless Display has completed the majority of the technical work to make this ready for production and is now seeking a partnership with a major electronics company to take this product into full production.  If you are a major electronics company interested in producing the Radius320 and other products based on our patented and patent-pending technologies please contact us.  If you are a potential customer please click here to register.

Professional applications for the Radius320 include Oil and Gas Exploration, Computer Aided Design and Geospatial Intelligence Analysis.  Considerable interest exists for a low priced consumer product suitable for playing video games, with almost 200,000 people viewing our videos on YouTube in the last since July 2007.

While you can't quite buy a Radius320 as yet, you can buy Seamless Display accessories.

Read our White Paper on the "The Benefits of Multi-Monitor and Large Single Monitor Displays"

Tradeshow Rentals

Looking for an eye-catching display for your corporate tradeshow booth? Look no further, we have a small quantity of Radius320 pre-productions units available for rental.  These can offer your booth a significant advantage over regular tradeshow displays, offering 3 times more pixels than HDTV, high brightness and a complete PC/Display solution. Interested? Contact us to schedule your rental


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